Individual Therapy


The focus of my practice is providing individual therapy for adults.  I believe in cultivating an in-person relationship and developing trust as a foundation for the conversations to follow.  Individual therapy provides an opportunity to see yourself and your current situation beyond your own sometimes conditioned way of seeing, and to tailor the sessions to your own needs, to your own pace and your own edge.


My style is interactive.  It’s about asking questions – sometimes the tough ones.  It’s about listening and being totally present, keeping the conversation on track, providing feedback, validation and support.  It is practical and customized.  I believe that everything is about energy and that a shift in perspective can produce release and greater alignment.


Most of the clients with whom I’ve worked get to the point that they feel complete regarding the issue(s) that initially brought them into therapy.  Some return later to address a completely new issue; some return for a brief check in, while others return for a deepening layer of self-awareness and personal growth. 


Making an appointment to begin is a powerful decision for you.  Engaging in the process of therapy has the potential to yield returns over a lifetime.  I believe that optimizing ones emotional and mental health contributes to overall health, well-being and inner peace. 


Sessions are generally weekly and for 50-60 minutes.



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